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A Short History actually grew from Lightning Laser Works back in 2005. Lightning Laser Works was a small company that used a laser machine to copy photos and logos to wood. We did a couple of tags for a local mine and the response was more than we had anticipated, and now we do that full time. is based out of Rural New Mexico. The peace and pure beauty of the area creates an ideal place to work.

The Process of Creating Tags

How does it all happen? The process starts when we get a request for a tag. We take the details provided such as name, colors, and any images that the customer may want. We take this information and program it into the computer that runs the laser. The laser works off of a computer driven system similar to a CNC machine. Your name and any images that you requested are encoded, and the process starts. The laser begins cutting the tag. The laser we use handles multiple tags, and is extremely precise. After the laser has finished, if needed, a radius bend is added to the tag to fit the Hard Hat it will be applied to.

three hard hat tag samples
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